Admin Portal for Physicians

ixlayer | 2022


Outdated UI, faulty UX, buggy interface, desktop only, mixed up technology. It was limited in development and enhancements that could be made. The whole product needed solid re-design. Focus on Stakeholders and build user-centered design.

Discovery phase

Product was created for doctors and physicians to keep track of patients and create orders for them. After first design was initially implemented, every new feature or update was made by different people who may have not paid attention to design or code standards. It ended with whole platform having multiple styles for UI elements, assets and code structure. It lacked responsive design as it only worked on specific desktop breakpoint.


1. Walk through all available functionalities and pages and identify areas of improvement
2. Competitors interfaces and UX solutions analysis
3. Map ideal user flows and unhappy paths
4. Collect insights and create design based on information architecture
5. Pinpoint how business objectives can be aligned with UX solutions
6. Test, define, ideate and iterate designs
7. Build Master components using Design System


An amazing user experience redesign can only be provided by following an iterative and intricate design process. Every element has been designed with the thought about users. The product reflects great design standards. I believe creating a polished new design services page, enhancing brand image, and a more clear value proposition definitely attracts users and brings better user experience.