Renderro Cloud Platform + Design System

Renderro | 2021


Innovative start-up needed full product design from scratch. The goal was for users to know which Cloud Workstation is a good fit for them and understand how they are being priced for it, but also learn how to use Cloud Drives. Complex system focus to become user-friendly.

Discovery phase

As I got my hands on the project, the founder had only made some digital sketches of how the app interface was visioned at start. I found it beneficial to not understand how product should work in the beginning because later it only helped me make decisions of how to make interface as clean as possible for new users. It was important make them aware of the need to turn off the virtual computer after use to avoid charging per unused hours.


1. Collect product requirements and business goals
2. Benchmarking
3. Set brand guidelines with key visual for graphic illustrations
4. Design lo-fi screens and user journeys
5. Decide on dark mode design and create a final design
6. Continuously improve and build features


We came to conclusion that onboarding was a key element for users to understand how Renderro works. Therefore, every step of a setup was very detailed and informative. The priority was to avoid users pay for hours which they don’t use so it was important to notify when all Workstations are turned off. That is why the virtual Workstation card had a toggle button for turning On/Off, along with many states informing what the current status is.