Empik In-Store Self-Checkout

I received a project to redesign the self-checkout located in Empik stores. The reason for redesign was because of huge friction in the users' buying process, amount of calls for help, low sale rates and also to implement new design system. I prioritised Empik mobile app login and downloads - without blocking the user. Recommended the subscription of Premium account for more discounts. Added simple functions such as deleting a product from scanned list. Took extra care of visible on-screen personal details due to RODO law. I made it possible to get a receipt with TAX ID code in order to receive an invoice. It took a lot of testing to look out for an area the user faced problems.

But most of all, the idea of SCO is the fast-track buying process in store - I managed to shorten the screens by x3.

It was the biggest challenge so far, since I was the only designer working on this project. I had very little time, many meetings with IT and business yet lots to do. Overall, I am very proud of the outcome!


✅ Buying flow screen amount shortened by x3
✅ Ability to sign up to premium subcription withing the flow
✅ Business users have option to add NIP tax ID to their receipt
✅ Reduced available languages from 8 to only support 2 that were used


Empik S.A.


June 2020